Friday, 30 December 2011


It seems just before I plan to go to bed, I'm alerted to something posted by a friend on Facebook that entices me to investiage. I feel compelled to express my thoughts on something I was reading a few minutes ago about creativity.
(I highly recommend reading it if you are a creative type)

Interesting article, I've written extensively about many of the ideas discussed. I distinctly remember as a child being conflicted with a number of paradoxical ideas and finding it utterly impossible to express myself in any other means than by drawing.

I feel creative people are indeed often terribly misunderstood. They are sometimes seen a confrontational, perplexing, strange, inconsistent, unrealistic and vain. Creative people are incredibly complex. They are capable of applying abstract ideas to the real world in ways that revolutionize what is around them...and it is a quality that should be admired.

Too often, people misunderstand one another or do not take the time to truly get to know someone intimately and invest in who they are, and nurture who they are.