Friday, 30 December 2011


It seems just before I plan to go to bed, I'm alerted to something posted by a friend on Facebook that entices me to investiage. I feel compelled to express my thoughts on something I was reading a few minutes ago about creativity.
(I highly recommend reading it if you are a creative type)

Interesting article, I've written extensively about many of the ideas discussed. I distinctly remember as a child being conflicted with a number of paradoxical ideas and finding it utterly impossible to express myself in any other means than by drawing.

I feel creative people are indeed often terribly misunderstood. They are sometimes seen a confrontational, perplexing, strange, inconsistent, unrealistic and vain. Creative people are incredibly complex. They are capable of applying abstract ideas to the real world in ways that revolutionize what is around them...and it is a quality that should be admired.

Too often, people misunderstand one another or do not take the time to truly get to know someone intimately and invest in who they are, and nurture who they are.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Thought provoking films

Finally got around to watching District 9, and I have to say I was incredibly impressed. Rarely does a film make me so anxiety-ridden, I'm very rarely impressed by much that's come out since I was in high-school. There's an abundance of clich├ęs prevalent in the film but as a whole, I think it raised several important philosophical questions: Why is humanity so strongly, to the point where we treated one another like outsiders and could there ever be a time when the human race will be unified?

 I wouldn't call myself an optimist, more so and egalitarian. I've been sensitive to moral and ethical infringements of human rights from a very young age. I accept that there is a tendency within humanity to be callous, selfish and cruel but I still feel that within most of us, there are clear guidelines on how others should be treated. It's encoded within our genetics, I attribute it to survival. Nurture is a key part in human evolution, without it we inevitably destroy ourselves and one another. What I find worrisome is how Western society has deviated from the interests of the collective to the interests of the individual, which are not sustainable and lead to apathy within the over-all population.

District 9
I liken to films like The Matrix, being one of my chief philosophical experiences within film. As an artist, we have the power to raise social issues and emotionally engage with the population in ways politics and government cannot. This is why I firmly believe films like this should remain classics, not only are they brilliant examples of true cinematic excellence, but also important points of departure for critical thinking within  media and our society as a whole.

On an unrelated note, after graduating this year I intend to travel the globe and learn about different cultures. It's embarrassing how little I do know, if it were possible to fill one's brain with limitless information I would happily do so. This distraction, though important, of writing papers and assignments will soon be finished with and then I can pursue my ambitions elsewhere.

Friday, 11 November 2011

First post!

Hi all!

Starting to upload my artwork, got about 20 photographs to edit and put up...trying to figure out the interface. Also, this is my first account, I'm hoping to include some observations about my process and whatever else comes to mind.

On that note, as it's Remembrance day, I've been thinking a lot about war, is it possible to be rid of it, or is it merely human nature? Something to think about.